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100 Years of Tartar Pride

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On September 11, 1917, Torrance High School opened its doors for the first time. Since that day, thousands of students have spent their high school years at a remarkable school. In 2017, Torrance High School will celebrate its Centennial. Please join us for this fun celebration. As details are finalized, our website will evolve to include more information.


Your Torrance High Centennial Committee invites you to volunteer a few hours of your time at our Family Reunion on September 9. Each shift will be a two-hour commitment. Shifts will run from:


Click the link below to sign up as a volunteer.

Centennial Concert

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Our Centennial Concert is just one of many events currently planned. Check out our Events page for more.

Centennial Merchandise

Be a trend setter with our Centennial merchandise! Support all of our activities and show your Tartar Pride. Our signature T-shirt shown below is a great start. Check out our full inventory at our store.
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Centennial Short-Sleeved T-Shirt

Our fashionable tees are incredibly soft and comfortable. All the cool kids will be wearing one–you should be, too! Long-sleeved shirts and hoodies are available in our store.
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Torrance High School by Loralee Spradlin.

Learn about Torrance High's first 100 years in this photo-filled book by THS alumni and faculty member Loralee Spradlin. You may PICK UP your purchase at the school or we can MAIL it to you.

Centennial Pathway

Tartar Family & Friends–Please join the Centennial Celebration by purchasing a personalized brick for the Centennial Pathway. Click on the brick below for more information
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Want to contribute to our fun in other ways? We have various donation levels.

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